Jiu Jitsu Strategy and Champion Mindset

Top 5 Jiu Jitsu Street Fight Moves

Getting in a street fight is never a good idea. But if you have too here is a short list to sharpen your skills around. This list is about the most effective ‘Street Jitsu’ techniques.


The Guillotine

Also known as the front headlock in wrestling. I love anything named after a device that chops heads off. I’m pretty sure every grappling martial art has some form of this movement. It’s definitely a universal. It shuts down takedown attempts and I have seen dudes go from standing to choked out. No need to go to the ground. It’s a rare bird.


The Double Leg Takedown

Although not native to Jiu Jitsu, many practitioners are making this work in tournament and street. Let’s be honest, Jiu Jitsu takedowns are weak. They become even more limited when we take the gi out of the equation. So it only makes sense that the Jiu JItsu fighter borrow from other arts. Regardless, a beautiful double leg takedown is wonderful thing. Otherwise, known as a football tackle. Really only the wrestlers have mastered it. It takes years to refine and get the timing down. I would classify this move as a universal as well.


Clinch takedown

Clinches happen very naturally. Fighters with little training will gravitate into this position. It’s not super glamorous but it is essential. It’s best to have something prepared from this position.



The Armbar

To the outsider, the Arm Bar looks like fucking black magic. It starts in the mount or guard position and ends with an elbow being bent in ways it should not bend. It is loved by Hollywood and real fighters alike. The Arm Bar is art imitating life and vice versa.


Mata Leo, Lion Killer, Rear Naked choke, RNC

If I could pick one single move to sum up Jiu Jitsu it would be this move. It is used in Movies, TV, video games, UFC and Street fights alike. It is the ultimate finisher. It is the move the Hollywood chooses to display the superior upper hand. I have watched teenage girls destroy larger boys with this move on Youtube. You might know boxing, Krav Magra, Muy Thai, Wrestling but you do not have an answer for this move. It is one move you know all Police, Military and private security are all taught. RNC is the fucking shit.

In closing, Keep it simple. The classics are still the best.

Full disclosure: This list is compiled from watching hours of people fighting it out of the streets on Youtube. I am not a ‘Hands on’ expert with street fighting.

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment only. It is not a challenge or a promise that moves will work for you in a street fight. Fist fighting is illegal unless for defensive purposes. Don’t be an idiot.