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Shoyoroll Gi Review

Shoyoroll Gi Review

In this article, we tackle the Shoyoroll Gi Review. Shoyoroll is a really well-known gi maker. Many notable high-level competitors prefer this brand. It’s commonplace to see this gi at Mundials or other national level tournaments. It is hard to have a conversation about gis and not talk about Shoyoroll. I would love to give a wonderful heartfelt story about their mission statement or their grand vision or how this gi will change the sport and the world, But finding information on this company is difficult. Based off of their website and my experience; I know two things for sure: They sponsor many high-level Jiu Jitsu players and they are roughly 20% more expensive than the other gi makes. This gi review will be more about the company and their entire product line as they rarely reproduce the exact same gi. Their product line changes often as they see fit.

Shoyoroll Gi Review: At a Glance


  • Top Shelf Brand
  • Beautiful but simple designs


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to Purchase

Shoyoroll Gi Review: Construction

4 out of 5

Shoyoroll has a very standard build. Almost all of their gis jackets have a 450 GSM and twill cotton pants. For some reason, they stay away from unique materials like hemp, kevlar and ripstop. The cotton itself seems to be the same on every model. They are designed in Los Angeles and manufactured in Pakistan. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the construction on their website so if they are the best then we are just going to have to take their word for it.

Shoyoroll Gi Review: Style

5 out of 5

In a word: Simple. Simple can be good. No over the top graphics to let the world know the depth of your douche bagginess. Lot’s of space for your club patches. Their gis comes in a limited palette of colors like white, blue, blue or gray. The color selections are high contrast. The graphic work is usually embroidered. The company logos dominate the cotton landscape and are well thought out. The gi is almost a frame for the logo design.

Shoyoroll Gi Review: Fit

4 out of 5

There is good and bad about the fit. First the good. There is a lot of sizes available or many different body types. Nobody type was left out here. They even have kid sizes! However, the gi I purchased was an A2 just like I have for years with other brands (Atama, Gameness, War Tribe, etc) and I found out quickly that Shoyoroll has a different sizing chart. What I should have purchased was an A1L. What resulted was me in a fairly baggy gi. I tried shrinking with hot washes but it was never enough. So moral of the story is pay close attention to their sizing chart. We will include the shoyoroll sizing chart to help out.

Shoyoroll Gi Review: Availability

1 out of 5

Shoyorolls usually come once a month. You need to be on the mailing list to know when they are coming and I would advise you to get your login previous to the sale time. The gis has a ‘drop time’ once a month sharply at 10 am. You want to be logged into their site and ready to click the ‘Purchase’ button. If you log in at 10:05 am on the sale day, the gis are already sold out. There is a very very limited supply. It’s not clear if the supply problem is self-imposed or the company has some sort of financial limitation. The whole experience feels more like buying expensive collector jordans than buying martial arts equipment. If you don’t feel like waiting around to purchase shoyoroll gis (and your wallet is heavy) then I suggest googling ‘Shoyoroll ebay’.

Shoyoroll Gi Review: Value

4 out of 5

I think of these gis as more of a collector’s items rather than practical gi for daily workouts. That said, It is a nice looking gi with a sturdy construction. Due to the rarity and price, I am a little more inclined to put these in a museum rather than wear them daily. But if you like to wear something that is unique, expensive and rare then Shoyoroll is definitely your thing.