Jiu Jitsu Strategy and Champion Mindset

Advanced Jiu-Jitsu Gi Hacks

There is something special about the Jiu Jitsu fighter that treats their gi with respect. This type of athlete comes to their school with the gi folded up and the belt wrapped around. I think this level of preparation shows that this fighter is thinking about Jiu Jitsu on and off the mat. Most importantly, this is a show of respect for the art, the school and oneself. This show of discipline made me think of some other things we should be doing as a community.

Wash your gi and belt.

This isn’t an advanced gi hack but it is always worth mentioning. Make sure that your gi is totally clean and smelling nice. Do this by getting your gi into the wash immediately after rolling. Use cold water only. Don’t leave it in a bag in your car. Your car will stink and your gi will not last as long. If an odor has set in with your gi try using baking soda with your wash. If the odor persists try looking at this article here.

Pack your Gi the Night Before

Mornings can be hectic. Removing steps from your morning ritual can ensure that your day will go right. Pack your gi into your go bag and place it in your car the night before if possible. This way there is no excuse about why you cannot join a Jiu Jitsu class later in the day.

Have more than one Gi

I can’t imagine having less than three gis. I think it’s impressive when I see another practitioner’s closet full of gis. All three of my gis get used during a one week rotation. It helps to have a fresh gi to pack at night. Sometimes the previous gi will still be in the dry cycle as I go to bed. Having multiple gis ensures that I have at least one gi ready and packed in the car when I go off to work or a morning roll session. Extra points if you keep a backup gi in your car, just in case a match breaks out.

The folding of the Gi

I love watching the folding of the gi at the academy. This is the fighter that spends an extra couple minutes to ceremoniously fold up the gi and wrap the gi with their belt. This is commitment. Folding of the gi is an indication of respect for one’s self, the school and the art. But the folding of the gi does have some practical background. Keeping the gi separate from your workout bag can actually help you keep your gi, workout bag and car cleaner. Once you are done with your workout you should fold your gi back up into the arrangement it was before. You carry your gi to the car and store it separately until you get home. At home you wash it immediately. This keeps your workout bag free from all the possible mat diseases, microbes, viruses and molds.


Keep it Gentleman