Jiu Jitsu Strategy and Champion Mindset

About Gentleman Grappler

Why did I start this site?

I have been doing Jits for well over a decade. But it always seemed like something was missing from the lessons of my instructors. You can go to class all week long. All month long. But your instructor may never be successful at transforming you into a champion. I have seen it again and again over years. Students who can describe in great detail every move they have learned over the last month. But there is something lacking in their execution. These are the subjects that we will be tackling in GentlemanGrappler.com.

Who am I?

My name is Kyle Hand. I am a brown belt based out of San Jose California. I started around 2003 at Ralph Gracie’s then went to American Kickboxing Academy (SJ) then since 2008 I have been AKA Sunnyvale. I have trained under Ralph Gracie, Sandro “Batata” Santiago, Dave Camarillo, Bobby Southworth, Alex Khanbabian and Mike Prudencio. Before that, I wrestled from Junior High to College. And I have dabbled in other arts like kickboxing, Judo and MMA.